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We are part of United Korean Church of New York

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The Bible is the living Word of God, through which He reveals Himself to us and it is authoritative and sufficient.


There is only one God, who eternally exists and is triune: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  God created all things for His glory including every human being.


Sin entered the world through the Fall of Man and created a chasm between man and God.  The due penalty for sin is death and eternal wrath in Hell.


Jesus is the eternal Son of God, who is of virgin birth and fully God and fully man


Salvation is only through faith in Jesus’ substitutionary sacrifice on the cross for our sins and His resurrection, thus reconciling us with God so that we can enjoy Him through our union with Christ both in the present and for all eternity.  Those who do not put their faith in Christ Jesus will justly receive God’s wrath for all eternity.


The Holy Spirit is at work in the believer to counsel us and minister to us as we pray, to understand the Word of God and know Him, and to empower us to obey God in His glorious work.

We believe...